Best. Chili. Ever

{simplicity truly is better} 
It's been raining all day long. A steady flow of nothing but drizzling ice cold droplets, sent from the Arctic itself. It's depressing, really. Ya know what's good during rainy days? Chili. And maybe some cornbread. Shoot, I didn't think about cornbread.
1/2 lb ground beef, or turkey if that's your thing
1 8oz (284 ml) can of light Tomato Soup
1 8oz (284 ml) can of corn (optional)
1 16oz (540 ml) can of red kidney beans
1 16oz (540 ml) can of black beans
1 packet of Chili seasoning found in the gravy isle
1 cup of water
1/2 of an onion, chopped finely
1 16oz (540 ml) can of chopped tomatoes, or equal fresh
Salt and Pepper to taste

In crock pot or slow cooker, mix soup, Chili mix, and water. Drain beans, corn, and tomatoes and add to crock pot.
Stir together and set crock pot for 4 hours. Feel free to open up the lid here and there and stir it up- make your house smell good. During the last hour, brown your meat. Add the onion to the meat while it's cooking, and once the onions turn slightly opaque, remove from heat and add to crock pot. Garnish with cheddar cheese!


  1. Oh wow. I'm going to have to do this one for sure, especially when it cools down a bit more (88 degrees here..sorry Kelsey!).

  2. Yummm this looks so good. It's 11pm and now i want chili


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