Black Forest Cupcakes

{Cupcake Week- Day 1}
So, because it's my birthday week, I'm celebrating with one of my true loves. Cupcakes. There is just something about them. I know you feel it, too. I hadn't had black forest cake before until about a month ago, and oh... my... gosh. It's now one of my favorite's! I can't believe I've gone all my life without having tried it before. I decided to make it into a cupcake for my cupcake week, and it was a smashing success! 
8-12 Chocolate cupcakes (either from a mix or from scratch) completely cooled
1/2 pint whipping cream
1 can cherry pie filling
shaved semisweet chocolate for garnish, optional

After your cupcakes are completely cooled, cut a cone shape out of the top center of each cupcake. Fill the cupcakes with a couple spoonfuls of cherry pie filling. In a small bowl, whip the whipping cream until it is stiff enough to form soft peaks. You can add a little powdered sugar to sweeten it up if you'd like. Don't over beat the cream or else you'll end up with butter. 
Top each cupcake with whipped cream, as much or as little or as you'd like. You can dollop it on, or make it fancy by making peaks in the whipped cream by using the back of a spoon, and swiftly pulling it away from the cupcake, all the way around the top of the cupcake. Top each cupcake with a little bit of the remaining cherry pie filling, then sprinkle with chocolate shavings. Serve immediately or refrigerate. 
There ya go! So easy, right?! And so good!   

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