Farmers Market Finds

The last time I went to a farmers market, it was more like a flea market... the type of flea market where you go home with actual blood sucking fleas. Do fleas suck blood? I should have looked that up...
Anyways, today we went to a new farmers market... erm, I mean, a farmers market that has been completely renovated.
It. Was. Amazing.
There were so many awesome things that you can't find anywhere else, and it was all so unique! A few of my favorite's were "Taste of Quebec" (by the way, the correct pronunciation for Quebec is 'key-beck' in French and in English it's more like 'ka-beck'). They had tons of authentic maple syrup products. Pure maple syrup is like nothing else you've ever had in your life. They also had real poutine (pronounced 'pooh-teen' in English and 'pooh-tin' in French) with the real sauce and the real cheese curds. "Nom nom nom..." so good!
Another one of my favorite things... the cutest mittens on earth made from alpaca! I no longer want a puppy... going straight for the alpaca.
The last thing I'm going to talk about today... the FOOD! I cannot find words to describe my happiness from all the food there. I get jealous when I read other foodie blogs and see all their pictures from the Upper East Side and all these chic bake shops because I've never had the privilege of experiencing anything like that, so when I saw all these super cute cupcakes, apples the size of my head, home made pasta sauces, organic cleaners... I felt like royalty. I really wish I would have brought my camera, but considering I was anticipating a horrible experience (again), it didn't even cross my mind. Boo to me.
Here is some of the loot I came home with...
Humongous apples...
Savory pies... Taco Pie and Chicken Shepherd's Pie (holy cow they were amazing!)
Last but not least... flavored honey straws! Do you remember these from your elementary days? Boy, I do!
We got lime, mango, sour raspberry and watermelon. These brought back so many memories for me!
So that was my day at the farmers market. I basically fell in love with it and am begging to go back again next weekend. Take care, my friends!

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  1. I LOVE a good Farmers Market! I am quite partial to the small one in my hometown but it's always fun to go to others and see what the local fair is like. Yay Farmers Markets!!!


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