Nutella Swirl Cupcakes

{Cupcake Week- Day 3}
Today is my birthday! And because it's my birthday, I'm showing you the best and easiest cupcake recipe you'll ever see. No one should have to cook or bake... or clean, or fold laundry or change diapers on their birthday- but in case you have to bake your own cake, here is a fantastic recipe for you! With only two ingredients, you can't really go wrong, am I right?
1 French Vanilla Cake Mix (or likewise from scratch) (plus the ingredients to make it)
1/2 cup Nutella

Scoop your cake batter into your cupcake tins, about 3/4 full. Take a small spoonful of Nutella, and dollop it on top of the batter. Swirl with a tooth pick so the tops look marbled. Bake as directed.

Once the cupcakes are out of the oven, and mostly cool, spread a thin layer of Nutella on top as the frosting. You can even get fancy and pipe it on if you'd like- and there ya go!

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