Ferrero Rocher Cake

{please don't droll on your screen...}
I went on this Ferrero Rocher kick, and then it just hit me. I should make it into a cake. I searched and searched for something comparable, just so I could see how other people made this cake. I don't mean to brag, but as far as my search went, I found zero Ferrero Rocher cake... just cupcakes. So... yeah

This cake was super easy, and more importantly, delicious. I only got one piece, and my dear husband got NONE! It went THAT fast! I was really proud of myself after making this cake. I love to see myself succeed, and I feel like I'm really making progress in the whole baking field. Enjoy!
1 recipe for Chocolate Cake (here is a great one I can't wait to try from Our Best Bites)
1/2 small tub of Nutella
About 20 Hazelnuts, chopped

Preheat oven to your recipe specifications. Prepare cake batter, as per directions. Pour batter into a sprayed 8 inch round spring form pan, or whatever round pans you may have in the kitchen. Bake as per directions. Let cool.
While you are waiting, go ahead and make your frosting. Here is my absolute favorite chocolate frosting recipe. Mmm, it's so good... but I don't mean to brag.
Once your cake has cooled, cut the cake in half to create two layers, or if you are using two pans, you can just ignore that part. Very carefully spread the Nutella on top of the bottom top half of the cake. Take the top part of the cake and place it on top of the Nutella frosted part of the cake. Frost the cake with your chocolate frosting, make sure you don't use up all the frosting if you are planning on decorating more.
I'm not an expert on cake decorating, but this is the best way I can tell you how to get the nuts on the side of the cake. Take a small handful of nuts, and spread them from you finger tips to the center of your palm. Quickly lay your hand up against the side of the cake, trying to get as much of the nuts to stick as possible. It'll be messy, but it works.
Repeat until you have the desired amount of nuts on your cake. You can take the remaining chocolate frosting and pipe a fun design on the top of the cake. The world is your oyster. Slice it up and eat it all!
Don't forget to leave me a comment! Oh man I'm craving Ferrero Rocher now.


  1. Oh man that looks sooo good!!!!!

  2. I drooled on the screen. J/K. :) It looks Awesome. I'm going to have to try it.

  3. what could i use on the sides instead of hazelnuts??


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